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Vision Engineering's Lynx microscope series — markedly greater magnification capabilities

Bring your work into full view in comfort with Vision Engineering’s evolutionary eyepiece-less microscopes including the exclusive and ergonomically-designed Lynx series. With markedly greater magnification than other models—and an expansive assembly of high-powered accessories to boost already powerful capabilities—this series magnifies the possibilities.

What's the scope?

Lynx VS8 — designed specifically for large high-value PCB inspection, this scope’s range of magnification elevates critical failure analysis identification on boards like those used in aircraft and server boards. Perfect for all electronics applications including fine pitch, surface mount, TAB and BGA technology.


  • Oblique and direct viewer - view a subject direct or from a 34 degree angle from vertical with a 360-degree rotation capability for a better stereo view of 3-dimensional subjects including PCB solder joints, holes, pillars and thread forms; plus, enhanced true-color illumination with long-life LED lighting
  • Scanning stage - free floating stage offers movement for all sizes of boards, including double sided PCBs; lockable stage for precision inspection tasks (x-axis, y-axis, or both); includes grounding point for static-safe inspection
  • Image capture and archive – accommodates leading digital, USB and 35mm SLR cameras; archive, acquisition, process, analyze and document images using integrated multimedia technology

Lynx EVO — turns up the power even further with up to 240x magnification, plus larger zoom capacities, longer working distances, larger field of view and high-resolution 3D viewing. Accessories include a 360-degree touchless rotating viewer for seeing intricate areas and performing detailed tasks. Winner of the 2016 Microscopy Today Innovation Award. Excellent for industrial and life science applications.


  • 3D stereo imaging – eyepiece-less viewing promotes greater productivity and efficiency; a 10:1 zoom ratio allows 6x - 60x range of magnification and up to 240x
  • Highly-customizable – Choose from dozens of options including integrated HD camera capabilities; image capture and annotating; floating stage; integrated gas strut for easy switch between tall and flat objects; stand options including multi-axis for industrial applications and ergo stand for limited bench space
  • Long working distance – easily view objects with plenty of distance for maximum work space

Lynx — powerful magnification capabilities up to 120X and technologically advanced dynascope system for impeccable, crisp images plus patented stereo optics for producing amazing 3D imaging. Excellent for inspection, rework, general manufacturing, medical devices, electronics and precision work.


  • Wide magnification – ranges from 7x – 40x and up to 120x plus 3.5x – 120x stereo zoom magnification for clear, sharp images; allows for long working distance viewing and large depth of field
  • Ergonomics – unique eyepiece-less design increases productivity and reduces fatigue by significantly allowing for increased head movements with minimal eye strain; promotes excellent posture with natural up-right body position
  • Imaging - patented stereo optics provide amazing 3D imaging
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