This is what superb image quality and comfort look like.

The Vision Engineering Mantis Elite is an award-winning range of ultra-modern 3D microscopes. They feature unmatched ergonomics with an elegant design for exceptional operator comfort and improved efficiency and productivity even over longer sessions.

The superior 3D imaging of the Mantis stereo viewer provides unparalleled clarity and precision to ensure quality inspection of assemblies, repairs and reworks, sample preparation and dissection, and more.

Get to Know the Elite

  • Patented eyepieceless technology offers truly superb 3D imaging plus the flexibility and convenience of digital image capture
  • True-color LED illumination ensures high-resolution, shadow-free imaging for up to 10,000 hours
  • Unrestricted head movement provides unbeatable ergonomics for increased productivity
Part# Mfg. Part# Description
MEHUS MEH-001, MES-005 Mantis Elite Series Microscope with Universal Stand and Dust Cover
MEH-001 MEH-001 Mantis Elite Head Assembly (Requires Base and Lens)
MES-005 MES-005US Mantis Elite Universal Clamp Mount Stand with Dust Cover
MEO-002 MEO-002 Mantis Elite Lens, Objective 2X
MEO-004 MEO-004 Mantis Elite Lens, Objective 4X
MEO-006 MEO-006 Mantis Elite Lens, Objective 6X
MEO-006SL MEO-006SLT Long Working Distance
MEO-008 MEO-008 Mantis Elite Lens, Objective 8X
MEO-010 MEO-010 Mantis Elite Lens, Objective 10X
MEO-015 MEO-015 Mantis Elite Lens, Objective 15X
MEO-020 MEO-020 Mantis Elite Lens, Objective 20X

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