Void Reduction in Bottom Terminated Components (BTC) Using Vacuum Assisted Reflow

Summary based on original article by M. Holtzer and T. Cucu, Alpha Assembly Asolutions; M. Barnes, D.W. Lee and D. Heller, Heller Industries; and J. Fudala and J. Renda, MacDermid Enthone Electronic Solutions

Voids in solder joints are considered a defect in electronic assembly. And, although excess solder voids in lead-free ball grid array (BGA) and BTCs cannot be completely eliminated, there are several ways to minimize their formation and reduce their impact in the performance and reliability of components and packages.

Through a series of experiments using a vacuum chamber in an in-line convection reflow oven and three types of BTCs, this paper brings to light the potential to minimize voiding in solder interface between power management devices and circuit assemblies.


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