Void Reduction Strategy for Bottom Termination Components (BTC) Using Flux-Coated Preforms

Summary based on an original article by Anna Lifton, Jerry Sidone, Paul Salerno, Oscar Khaselev and Mike Marczi, Alpha Assembly Solutions.
Klaus Weigl, Gerhard Martl, Rohde-und-Schwarz.

As power density increases and component packages become smaller, the inability of traditional soldering techniques to keep up with today's BTC thermal management requirements has driven manufacturers to look for ways to reduce voids in solder joints more effectively and consistently.

Since there's no one-size-fits-all approach for void reduction under BTCs, this paper will describe how Alpha Assembly Solutions has studied the effectiveness of void reduction technology (VRT) and flux-coated preforms to achieve significant reduction in voiding and produce reliable solder joints.


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