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A new dimension in precise, ultrathin silicone film.

In the field of high-precision thin silicone sheets, thickness variation matters. WACKER's ELASTOSIL® Film is an ultrathin film made from cross-linked silicone rubber that delivers unique and pioneering advantages. ELASTOSIL® Film is ideal for applications utilizing electroactive polymers (EAPs) such as energy harvesting, sensor technology and artificial muscle development.

Manufactured under class 8 cleanroom conditions, ELASTOSIL® Film features extremely thin and homogeneous clear silicone rubber sheets with outstanding mechanical and electrical properties.

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Newly developed SILPURAN® Film features more attributes, such as biocompatibility and chemical stability, essential in the healthcare industry. With Wacker's proven durability and quality, SILPURAN® Film fulfills the highest medical requirements.

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Properties & Applications

  • Outstanding mechanical & physical properties of platinum-cured silicone
  • High and selectively gas and water vapor permeable
  • High-temperature resistant and low-temperature flexible
  • High dielectric strength with high specific resistivity
  • Optical transparent
  • Constant mechanical and electrical properties
  • Solvent-free

Commonly used in: EAP technology, functional membranes, optical layers/interlayers, protective films, functional packaging

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