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Connect to the future of soldering with Weller WXsmart

The all-inclusive, Industry 4.0-ready WXsmart hand soldering platform delivers optimal connectivity, supporting IoT traceability with mobile-enabled, easy remote-control access. The most versatile, controlled and secure hand soldering solution on the market, Weller WXsmart is engineered to connect you to the future of soldering, acting as the “brain” of your workbench and consolidating your soldering applications into a single soldering platform—including general-purpose, high-precision and heavy-duty soldering, as well as desoldering, rework and hot air tasks. Easily stay connected and in control via the intuitive Weller WXsmart app directly from your phone for complete process control. Already using a Weller soldering station? Most of your tips and tools will easily transfer to your new Weller WXsmart for a seamless upgrade.

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Maximum connectivity, supporting IoT standards for full traceability with mobile-enabled, easy remote-control access.


The all-in-one station acts as the brain of the workbench by consolidating all soldering applications into one station.


The first system with built-in cyber-security to prevent costly downtimes.


Total Process Control (TPC) to manage your complete soldering process from tip to station.

Hisco stocks a wide range of irons, tips and accessories to complete your Weller WXsmart benchtop solution.

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