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Charged Plate Analyzer

Quickly and reliably verify ionizer performance.

  • Customizable measurement capacitance ensures compliance with ANSI/ESD S20.20, EN 61340-5-1, and ESD process requirements.
  • Programmable discharge mode threshold (1 to 1000V in 1V increments) tests ionizer production efficiency and measures discharge times.
  • Peak AC feature assesses positive/negative air ion output balance.
  • Durable hard cover carrying case included!

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TruStat Benchtop Ionizer

Eliminate static charge guickly and effectively.

  • Fast decay times of less than 2 seconds at 12" for rapid neutralization.
  • Steady state DC ionization ensures efficient discharge with lower air flow.
  • Solid tungsten emitters maintain optimal performance.
  • Compact size (8.5" H x 6.0" W x 2.6" D) covers 12" x 24" workstation area.
  • Includes NIST certificate of calibration

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New Products from Kasuga

Invest in essential static control solutions from Japan's leading manufacturer.

Benchtop Ionizer w/Cleaning Brush

  • Neutralizes static charge within a 12"x48" area.
  • Built-in emitter cleaning brush dislodges contaminants that could affect performance.

View KD-750BB Benchtop Ionizer w/Cleaning Brush

NIH-55 Ionizer Nozzle

  • Point-of-use design effectively neutralizes static charge within a focused airstream.
  • Compact size easily delivers ionized airflow to less accessible areas.

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Body Potential Meter

  • Human Body Static Charge Meter measures the effectiveness of personal grounding systems.
  • Peak Hold and Continuous Measurement features analyze peak or current static voltage.

View KSD-4000 Body Potential Meter

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