Photo of 3M VHB Tape applied to a wavy surface.

Designed for quality and ease of use, the new 3M spray gun is a smarter way to spray

Lightweight and versatile, the new 3M spray gun was built for the industrial painter with an intuitive design that’s ready to paint right out of the box.

The 3M performance industrial spray gun boosts productivity by reducing variability and bringing consistency and quality into your paint process.

Features / Benefits

  • Lightweight & easy to use
  • Made from an advanced impact-resistant composite material for the toughest industrial conditions
  • It maximizes comfort for all-day spraying
  • Can spray from either a pressurized source or a gravity cup
  • Quick-change replaceable nozzles
  • Simple cleanup
  • Paint never passes through the body of the spray gun


  • Air Consumption: 370 SLPM [13 SCFM]
  • Recommended Air Inlet Pressure: 1.24 Bar [18 psi]
  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 50 °C [122 °F]
  • Maximum Operating Overpressure: 10 Bar [145 psi]
  • Weight: 378 g [13.3 oz]
  • Air Inlet: 1/4 BSP/NPS Liquid Inlet: 3/8 BSP/NPS
  • Nozzle Orifice Sizes: 1.1, 1.4, 1.8

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