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Aircraft Sealants Solutions Featuring 3M

Why Choose Hisco for Aircraft Sealants?

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Achieve more efficient aviation with 3MTM Aircraft Sealants

3M offers the durable, high quality sealants for aerospace manufacturing, maintenance and repair. Only 3M Aerospace Sealants cover your needs for aircraft performance, lightweighting and curing time.

3M Aerospace Sealants deliver:

  • High temperature resilience and fuel efficiency
  • Resistance to degradation from jet fuel exposure
  • Streamlined production and increased efficiency
  • Reduced waste and diminished costs

3M Aircraft Sealant Product Focus with Specifications

AC-350 AMS-S-8802 - Fuel Tank and Fuselage
AMS3276 - High Temp Fuel Tank and Fuselage
AC-370 (Types 1 and 2) AMS3281 - Light Weight Fuel Tank and Fuselage
AC-730 AMS3265 - Non-Chromated Corrosion Inhibitive
AC-735 MIL-PRF-81733 - Non-Chromated Corrosion Inhibitive
AC-251 Black 3M Standard Window & Canopy

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