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Welcome to the Future of Soldering

The all-inclusive, Industry 4.0-ready Weller WXsmart hand soldering platform delivers optimal connectivity, supporting IoT traceability with mobile-enabled, easy remote-control access. The most versatile, controlled and secure hand soldering solution on the market, Weller WXsmart is engineered to connect you to the future of soldering.

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Streamline your manual soldering process and make it safer with Weller WX and WT series soldering stations. Weller WX series combines unmatched performance with temperature stability to meet MIL-SPEC / IPC standards and prevent electrical overstress on sensitive components.

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About Weller

The Weller name stands for pioneering solutions in soldering technology. Founded in 1945, Weller quickly grew to become the market leader in manual soldering technology. Over the years the Weller portfolio has grown beyond hand soldering to include fume extraction, precision tools, automated solutions and many more bench top products and services. The Weller name remains synonymous with forward-looking solutions.

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