Sustainable, Water-Based Adhesives for the Challenges of Tomorrow

All too familiar with aqueous adhesives whose claims just don't hold water? Meet Henkel's innovative line of sustainable, water-based solutions.

From industrial assembly to automotive interiors, AQUENCE® is engineered to improve product quality – as well as your bottom line. The global leader in water-based adhesives, Henkel offers AQUENCE solutions tailor-made to reflect consumer demand and designed to anticipate future requirements. So, get to know AQUENCE. It's backed by groundbreaking, sustainable technology, so you'll never be left treading water.

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Demanding autodeposition applications seek a next-generation coating engineered for enhanced corrosion performance. From vehicle frames to chassis components, AQUENCE surface treatments offer protection that's equivalent to – or even better than – traditional options, all the while reducing processing, assembled part and capital costs.


Go ahead, get attached – this line of synthetic polymer emulsion adhesives is designed for enhanced performance and high wet tack across a range of bonding applications. Whether you're working with composite facings or insulation, AQUENCE polyurethanes are engineered for ease-of-use, cost reduction and enhanced performance.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

Be ambitious with difficult-to-bond surface applications – AQUENCE pressure-sensitive adhesives were specially developed to deliver high-speed lamination and bonding that's ideal for use with fibrous glass, tapes, labels, self-adhesive films and more. With its high tack properties and cost-effective engineering, AQUENCE offers quick processing and adhesion to a range of substrates.

Wet-Bond Adhesives

Developed for exceptional performance across the board, AQUENCE wet-bond laminating adhesives deliver high wet tack and superior adhesion for difficult-to-bond substrates. With exceptionally high resistance to water, AQUENCE offers protection and improved performance for a range of specialty and general purpose applications.

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