Set next-generation advancements in motion with the innovation of Henkel products.

Your first car. Your first record player. Sentimental technologies have their place.

Fast forward to present day. Innovations from the number one adhesives producer in the world welcome an era of superior solutions. Only Henkel's industrial portfolio, available through our exclusive partnership, integrates the latest technological advancements into the products that make a difference in your day-to-day operations. Only flexible Henkel products improve design, manufacturing and maintenance processes today with a sustainability strategy that impacts tomorrow.

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Take on corrosion, impurities and poor adhesion. Henkel's modern structural adhesives for aircraft OEM tackle challenges and meet exacting specifications with concrete solutions beyond your imagination.

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Uncover Henkel PCB protective materials and uncover a broad portfolio for even complex circuitry. Protect your boards from harsh conditions while you protect your bottom line.

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Update production processes and master tough bonding challenges with the cutting-edge efficiency of Henkel equipment – including a full line of LOCTITE UV cure systems and adhesive dispensing solutions.

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3D Printing

The promise of 3D meets the power of LOCTITE. Turn your visions into reality with LOCTITE's new, industrial-grade 3D printer and complete range of differential manufacturing resins.

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Quality LOCTITE products offer viable alternatives to mechanical fastening and joining methods. Build complex machines and inner assemblies, and build them better with the brand built on trust.

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Henkel's premier brand for surface technology and process solutions, BONDERITE products create a competitive business advantage. Lubricants, cleaners, coatings and more solve your biggest challenges—with ease.

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TECHNOMELT brand hotmelt adhesives boast superior sealing adhesion to a variety of substrates. Maximize yield and minimize loss with the solutions that simply deliver more.

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Drive operational efficiencies higher with TEROSON brand adhesives, sealants and coatings for automotive and industrial applications. Benefit from TEROSON's strong portfolio engineered with flexibility in mind.

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Water-based AQUENCE adhesives improve product quality with impressive—and sustainable—solutions. From acrylics to VAE dispersions, turn to the technologies that also improve your bottom line.

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