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Perfect circuit board potting with compounds that fit—precisely.

Henkel's one- and two-part potting compound materials fit your needs. Resist shock and vibration and improve thermal reliability with Stycast brand solutions designed for your unique—and harsh—environment.

From very soft to hard and rigid, the right potting material for electronic components produces a hermetic-like seal. Your general purpose, automotive or aerospace application is covered. Stycast epoxy products also aid electrical insulation and heat dissipation. Find the formula that fits your operating and environmental conditions, material physical properties and your processing requirements. With Henkel's broad portfolio, it's only fitting.


One-part systems offer distinct processing advantages to their two-part counterparts. Not only do they eliminate the need for mixing, they also enjoy an unlimited working life. Heat- and room temperature-cure varieties exhibit high bond strength and resist temperature extremes.


For the broadest array of properties and applicability among adhesives, incorporate two-part compounds for electronics potting into your process. Cure at room temperature, or heat to accelerate the cure—without damaging your cured elastomer.

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