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It's a harsh world. Dare your boards to perform with Henkel Electronics.

Without protective materials, your printed circuit boards would be exposed to the harsh realities of extreme temperatures, fluids, corrosive elements and more. The shocking truth is today's advanced semiconductor specialists and electronics manufacturers could not sustain the level of product sophistication required to compete globally—and without fail—without serious, compatible material solutions.

Henkel Electronics brings unfailing reliability to the table. With unrivaled engineering expertise, the world's most progressive provider of PCB protection products continues to innovate, resolute in spirit, resistant in formulations.

Your ever-changing automotive, industrial, medical or consumer electronics environment reaps the rewards of an environmentally sustainable solution from Henkel's broad portfolio for even complex circuitry. With Hisco, a Henkel Electronics partner, you also reap the rewards of our documented cost savings—with on-time delivery, every time.

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Conformal Coatings

LOCTITE® conformal coating materials for your PCB ensure long product life in the face of thermal shock, corrosion and moisture. Fast-cure and solvent-free LOCTITE acrylics, urethane acrylates, urethanes and silicones conform to your exacting standards.

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Low Pressure Molding

Reduce your total cost of ownership with unique, polyamide hot melt materials for low pressure molding (LPM) found in TECHNOMELT® brand products. Encapsulate exposed circuitry for a self-contained, integrated assembly.

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Modern manufacturers, protect fine-pitch components with UV-curable, Henkel sealant materials. Easy-to-use solutions promote fast processing and improved thermal cycling performance of your PCBs.

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Enhance mechanical strength in your most challenging environments. When operating-temperatures are pushed to the max, push back with potting and encapsulation systems from Henkel.

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Safeguard your PCBs and your bottom line with Hisco. You can rely on a Hisco electronics representative to help you sort out the best Henkel protection solution. Simply complete the form below.

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