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It's time to bring in the reinforcements. From bonding and sealing to coating and beyond, Henkel's TEROSON® product portfolio offers automotive market essentials for body reinforcement, repair and maintenance (VRM). Also ideal for use in a host of industrial assembly applications like structural bonding or sealing tasks, TEROSON solutions support increased profitability through marked production and application process improvements - both of which lead to enhanced overall product quality. Customer-driven in design, TEROSON provides innovative solutions for your everyday challenges through a complete range of adhesive, coating and sealant technologies.

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Tough yet flexible, TEROSON silicones deliver rugged, waterproof and oil-resistant protection against weather and thermal cycling. Engineered for effective bonding and sealing of metals, wood, plastic, glass and other substrates, TEROSON protects leads from mechanical shock in temperatures up to 245°C without hardening, shrinking or cracking.

MS Sealants

Ever the crowd-pleaser, TEROSON MS sealants feature their own built-in primer for a broad adhesion spectrum across a range of substrates. These silane modified polymers (SMPs) cure with moisture to a soft elastic that makes them ideal for use with both metals and plastics. Throw in good UV/ weather resistance, cost efficiency and high performance, and you've found a new best friend in the production processes.


An overachiever backed by proven performance and innovative technology, TEROSON polyurethanes ensure a faster cure with high elongation and exceptional tensile strength. The essential for semi-structural applications, this one-component moisture-curing material is engineered to bond, seal and glaze without sagging or succumbing to the elements.


Get slick with solutions designed to protect against friction and water while eliminating corrosion, galling and seizing. Henkel's TEROSON lubricants are engineered to displace moisture and provide a continuous coating on mated metal like automotive parts and industrial equipment, while also penetrating and freeing corroded assemblies to prevent operational wear.

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