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Increase Performance and Reduce Costs with LORD Structural Adhesives

Overcome structural bonding challenges with LORD Corporation's leading-edge structural adhesives and metal to metal adhesive for trailers. Strong enough to replace mechanical fasteners, rivets and welding, LORD structural adhesives successfully join hard-to-bond substrates, while its aluminum adhesive for trailers creates the aerodynamic design that goes with the flow.

Structural Adhesives

Reduce product weight, improve aesthetics & increase joint strength. Whether bonding composites to composites or metals to plastics, LORD structural adhesives open up design options by eliminating the need to weld or rivet.

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Trailer Manufacturing

For a bond that behaves beautifully, come into contact with a LORD metal adhesive for trailers. Your new, sleek design reduces drag and stress concentrations—as well as fuel costs.

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Service Work Trucks

Weighed down by welding expenses? Bond with LORD structural adhesives for service work trucks to reduce freight costs and improve overall design.

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Need help finding the right LORD structural adhesive?

Considering a transition from traditional joining methods to structural adhesives? We can help. Just fill out the form and we'll be in touch.