Challenge form limitations with mold making silicones from WACKER

Silicone rubber is used in many different mold making techniques for its marked compatibility with common casting materials like plaster, resins, waxes, low-melting metals, concrete and artificial stone.

WACKER's Elastosil M silicone rubber compounds for mold making and prototype molding are extremely versatile and tailor-made for specific applications to deliver accurate reproductions.

Elastosil M is easy to process and economical in use which makes it ideal to produce precision parts, parts requiring close tolerances, high-volume parts and complex shapes.

Photo of a woman making molds for sculptures with liquid silicone.

Solutions engineered for a range of applications

  •   Reproduction molding -- Highly-elastic, durable solution offers exceptional release properties for a range of industrial reproduction and mold making applications
  •   Prototype molding -- Pourable, highly innovative materials for prototype molding are engineered to create cost-effective prototyping and small-scale productions
  •   Construction molding -- The industry standard, engineered for long-term durability based on alkali resistance and effective reproduction on both even and uneven surfaces
  •   Printing/Composite molding -- Silicone rubbers and fabrics designed for re-usable vacuum bags efficiently improve the composite resin infusion molding process
  •   Cosmetic Molding -- Silicone rubber is used in cosmetic molding to produce lipstick for its fast curing, low processing viscosity, easy mold release, and beautiful glossy surfaces on end products

ELASTOSIL® M silicone rubber delivers:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent release properties
  • High elasticity
  • Easy processing
  • High reproduction accuracy
  • Great flexibility
  • Long term stability for re-usage
  • On-demand food compliance
  • Good resistance against all common reproduction materials

ELASTOSIL® silicone rubber grades are available as condensation-curing and addition curing systems.

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