WACKER Silicones

Advanced Silicone Solutions for Innovative Technologies

Strong and stable, WACKER silicones were born to protect. And, while each has its own unique strengths, these innovative materials are collectively versatile with a range of physical and chemical attributes.

Fear moisture no more - with low moisture absorption rates, WACKER silicones are water repellent with excellent resistance to weathering as well as temperature extremes. Chemical resistant with a high level of chemical purity, WACKER silicones are engineered for economy in processing - bringing reliability and cost-effectiveness together at last.

AMG - a division of Hisco - has just secured an exclusive new packaging agreement with WACKER Silicones to bring Europe's most reliable silicone products closer to home. The industry's custom repackaging experts, AMG will cut these bulk products down to size for stocking right here in the US - available exclusively through Hisco. Learn More

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Does your application demand consistency and precision? Bonding or sealing methods create uniform distribution of stresses and high temperature stability while diminishing thermo-mechanical stresses and eliminating contact corrosion.

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Conformal Coating

Insulate your electronic circuits from the surrounding environment with the versatility of conformal coatings. Thinly applied through a range of processes, this economical method protects against stresses while increasing circuit liability.

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Potting & Encapsulating

Deflect and protect against environmental extremes. This simple and effective method safeguards electronic devices and components by partially or completely insulating from shock, vibration and thermo-mechanical stresses.

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If versatility is a virtue, then ELASTOSIL certainly sets a fine example. With more than 25 years of experience, this overachiever is an essential for applications ranging from airbags to keyboards to medical technology.

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Ever the conformist, SEMICOSIL is a circuit board's dream. Perfect for a range of electronics applications, this highly specialized silicone effectively protects against external stresses like heat and mechanical or chemical influences.

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Working with highly sensitive devices? Refer yourself to a specialist. WACKER SilGel boasts extremely low viscosity and significant inherent tack, while rendering use of primer or adhesion promoters unnecessary. It's even ideal for efficient mass production.

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