Rely on WACKER for your electronics thermal management

The demand for smaller components with more functions makes operating temperatures rise constantly. Thus, thermal management in electronics is critical to ensure that components remain functional even when they get hot.

WACKER offers thermal pads and pastes, and thermally conductive adhesives and encapsulants that work as cooling elements in electronics and semiconductors to protect their performance.

WACKER’s silicone solutions for thermal management deliver utmost electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties.

Photo of an electric engine with thermal adhesives in place.

Solutions engineered for a range of applications

  •   Thermally conductive adhesives - Create a firm yet flexible mechanical bond that remains virtually wear-free under permanent thermal stress.
  •   Gap fillers - Thermally conductive gap fillers from Wacker cure at room temperature or faster at elevated temperature to a soft and tacky gap filling material. Features high dispensing speed for short cycle time and low abrasiveness.
  •   Thermally conductive encapsulants - Deliver bubble-free encapsulation to efficiently dissipate heat even for complicated shapes.

Benefits of WACKER Thermal Management Solutions:

  • Thermal management for sensitive parts
  • Prevent localized overheating
  • Resistant to thermal stresses
  • Effectively dissipate heat
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Protect against environmental influences

Thermal management solutions based on more than six decades of research and improvement.

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