Bond, seal and protect with market-leading silicone for electronics

As the demands of electrical and electronics industry become more stringent, components like sensors, display modules, and electronic control units, more than ever require consistent, reliable protection from external influences to ensure their performance and durability.

To meet these demands, Wacker has developed its highly specialized silicone rubber grades for bonding and sealing electronics. Each electronics sealant is tailored to the requirements of a specific application.

Photo of a machine applying a bead of silicone to a surface.

Solutions engineered for a range of applications

Benefits of WACKER Bonding & Sealing Solutions:

  • Encapsulate the electronics
  • Coat the PCB
  • Add gasket to module lid
  • Seal module with an adhesive

Tomorrow's solutions begin with versatile, reliable WACKER formulas for bonding and sealing.

Tell us about your project. We have the mold making product right for you.

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