AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings

Top five reasons why AkzoNobel aerospace
coatings and paint are your best choice

Extensive line of topcoats, primers, fillers and specialty coatings designed specifically for aviation and military defense; leader in gloss and color retention

Outstanding protection and appearance without compromising on safety and sustainability

Continuously advancing aerospace coatings to help reduce aircraft weight, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions while still retaining quality

AkzoNobel's signature base coat/clear coat systems drastically reduce downtime without compromising on results

State-of-the-art, anti-corrosive coatings with same-day turnaround

General Aviation

AkzoNobel In-Stock Products (Effective 2018)

  • 501249 – 28C1 Magna Static Conditioner Filler
  • 501506 – 366-A020-125 Parting lacquer
  • 504945 – 10P20-13/EC-213 Epoxy primer kit, yellow
  • 504953 - 10P20-44F/EC-273/TR-114 High solids epoxy primer kit
  • 504969 - 10P30-5/EC-275/TR-115 Corrosion resistant epoxy primer kit
  • 504976 - 10P4-2NF/EC-117S Epoxy primer kit, BAC 452
  • 504986 - 10P8-10NF/EC-283 Fluid resistant epoxy primer kit, BAC 452
  • 505023 - 23T3-106/PC-216 Abrasion resistance coating kit, BAC 700
  • 505033 - 23T3-105/PC-216 Abrasion resistance coating kit, BAC 707

Next-day AkzoNobel Paint

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If you're looking for AkzoNobel custom tints with same-day turnaround, you can rely on Aero Colors for quick-tinting a variety of specialty coatings. Aero Colors is a Hisco subsidiary and approved AkzoNobel stocking distributor.

Get the best efficiency and performance for your application with AkzoNobel.