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AMG + WACKER: A Package Deal

It's true what they say - that good things come in small packages. Luckily, AMG - a division of Hisco - has just secured an exclusive new packaging agreement with WACKER Silicones to bring Europe's most reliable silicone products closer to home. The industry's custom repackaging experts, AMG will cut these bulk products down to size for stocking right here in the US - available exclusively through Hisco.

Prepackaged products are available now - in addition to virtually endless custom packaging options and material quantities. And the warranty? Don't worry - we've still got you covered, with complete flow-through assurance from WACKER.

Shop online today, or simply complete the form below. We'll be in touch to help you select a formula that makes the most sense for your application.

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Bonding & Sealing

Product Type Color Part # Description
Elastosil® E 14 RTV-1 Red E14-310MLPK Non-slump with excellent heat stability and primerless adhesion
Elastosil E 43 RTV-1 Black E43-310MLPK Self-leveling with good adhesion
Elastosil E 951 RTV-1 Translucent E951-310MLPK High-strength paste; easily bonds to silicone
Elastosil N 10 RTV-1 Translucent N10-310MLPK Solvent-free with neutral cure and excellent adhesion
Elastosil N 198 RTV-1 Gray N198-310MLPK Non-slump with neutral cure and good adhesion
Elastosil N 2197 RTV-1 Gray N2197-310MLPK UL94 V-0 with excellent adhesion and very good heat stability
Elastosil N 9111 RTV-1 Black N9111BLK-310MLPK Non-slump, flame-retardant and tin-free with good adhesion
RT 774 RTV-2 Gray (Mixed) RT774-T77-1KGPK Thixotropic formula with fast RT cure and good adhesion


Product Type Color Part # Description
Elastosil RT 601 A/B RTV-2 Clear RT601AB-1KGPK Low viscosity formula
RT 607 RTV-2 Reddish Brown RT607AB-1KGPK Flame-retardant, low viscosity and high heat stability
SilGel® 612 A/B RTV-2 Clear SILGEL612AB-1KGPK High tack, very soft silicone gel

Other Applications

Product Type Color Part # Description
RT 623 A/B RTV-2 Reddish Brown RT623AB-1KGPK Medium hardness with excellent flow for pad printing
Paste P12 Paste White P12-5OZPK Thermal paste
Paste P Paste Translucent WPP-5OZPK Silicone paste

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