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Durable Label Printing Process | Alliance Printing

Posted by Alliance Printing & Graphics on 10/31/2023

Durable label printing as easy as 1,2,3

At Alliance Printing our approach is based on a simple but powerful concept. We make the process easy for our customers. That's true whether you’re seeking industrial-strength labels for HVAC equipment or a UL mark for consumer electronics. When you consider all the requirements and variables, yes, durable label printing is a bit more complex than the 1-2-3 process promised in the headline. All we’re saying is we developed a systematic approach that’s designed to make the process as frictionless as possible for you. Because we want to be the ultimate resource for anyone who needs a durable label created and printed. In the following overview, you’ll get an idea of our capabilities and what to expect when you work with Alliance Printing.

Step 1: Consultation

Our team will gather all the details about the design and requirements of your high-performance label. To ensure the printing medium, the adhesives and inks are engineered for a durable label, all our labels are customized.

  • Surface type: Substrates like plastic, glass, metal and wood all come with varying surface energy levels, so we select the adhesive that offers the best bonding performance.
  • Expected lifespan: Labels can be designed for easy removal or to maintain a firm grip on the surface for the life of the product.
  • Conditions: We compile data regarding anticipated conditions, including service temperatures, exposure to solvents, fluids, chemicals, weather variations and UV light.
  • Requirements: We also consider any standards or regulatory requirements demanded from your label.

Step 2: Materials selection

Our team conducts a technical review to pinpoint the precise printing medium, ink and adhesives that deliver the level of performance your label demands. Thanks to our longstanding, trusting relationships with top brands and suppliers, we have direct access to the experts who can provide us with answers. Getting answers to your stickiest design challenges is always a phone call away. To prepare you for any rounds of quality and performance testing to ensure durability, we supply samples of materials and labels. First article of incorporation is also part of our services.

Step 3: Production

Once the final design gets the green light, we commence production. Our expertise in commercial printing sets us apart from other custom label makers because we bring a broader range of capabilities and commitment to excellence to achieve the high-quality results you expect. With our commitment to quality and drive to improve production with each run, Alliance creates value with each order. Then, we kit and package your order to your specifications and ship it to your door, ready for immediate assembly.

For repeat orders with zero hassle, all you have to do is enter the requirements on our intuitive order panel.

Industrial strength performance with 3M polyester labels

To achieve durable performance from your label, whether you’re producing safety instructions or a bold warning graphic, our longstanding experience with 3M and its polyester labels offers the advantage. Our materials experts will connect you with industry-leading industrial strength labeling materials and overlaminates to produce a rugged, reliable vehicle to display your message.

3M polyester durable labels and overlaminates are engineered for exceptional environmental resistance, bonding strength and surface compatibility. The surface accepts dot matrix printing and has a matte coating that stands up to wear and degradation against scuffs, chemicals, moisture and temperature extremes. 3M’s line of polyester labels includes options for UL and RoHS compliance.

Learn about 3M polyester durable label material

Authorized source for UL label printing

When UL certification is a requirement, Alliance is the only printer in the Houston area that’s licensed under the UL Authorized Label Suppliers Program. We provide support, resources and services to produce your UL mark, whether they’re needed for a consumer product or an industrial component.

Our decades of experience will prove valuable to you as you prepare your project for certification. We can provide insights, recommendations and resources to help you. When you’re ready to send off your product sample for certification, you’ll know what to expect — and in some cases, we can identify opportunities that help streamline the process.

Whether your product calls for a UL listed or UL recognized mark, we source durable materials and inks from our network of trusted suppliers to produce a label that meets the requirements for long-lasting ruggedness and durability. Get your product ready for market with complete confidence.

Learn more about UL regulations

Enhancing value: Our partnership with Precision Converting

One of the perks of working with Alliance Printing is its recent integration with Precision Converting, a 3M Preferred Converter. Now you can harness the complete capabilities of two exceptionally experienced teams through a single vendor relationship.

So every time you order industrial labels through Alliance, here’s how Precision Converting acts as a multiplier to its value

  • Die-cutting: Achieve custom shapes in the exact dimensions needed for a tailored fit.
  • Strategic sourcing: Initiate recurring orders with zero worries and minimal waste, as we strategically source materials and components to align with your timing, and provide full visibility to your process.
Discover our full suite of value-added offerings and how they’ll enhance your efficiency. Learn more about our value added services

Easy solutions through our focus on quality, efficiency and expertise

As the above illustrates, we at Alliance Printing strive to create value for our customers for every order. When it comes to durable label and industrial printing, we provide a spectrum of services and resources to help you get your product market-ready. Get in touch with our talented team to learn how we can help.

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