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Polyester Adhesives 101: Material Guide I Hisco

Posted by Alliance Printing & Graphics on 10/31/2023

Polyester Adhesives 101

At Hisco, we like to say that when it comes to holding things together, we have it all. With our full line of common adhesives and sealants, specialty blends from top manufacturers, and a full line from industry leader 3M, if you need to stick it, we have the products and expertise to get the job done.

One common type of adhesive that offers a wide range of applications is polyester. Polyester is designed to bond labels to a variety of surfaces. Poly's advantage over some other types of adhesives is durability and strength. Poly will stand up to harsh conditions and stay put. The durability comes from polyester's resistance to temperature, chemicals, UV light and more.

Because of polyester adhesive's versatility, it is commonly used in industrial, manufacturing, automotive, emobility, aerospace, electronics, medical, horticulture, oil & gas, food & beverage and more.

Here is a snapshot of typical uses for polyester adhesive on labels in a wide variety of industries.

Product labels. Electronics, outdoor equipment, machinery, appliances — you name it, polyester labels are probably the right choice for the job, especially if the product will be exposed to harsh conditions.

Aerospace and automotive applications. Labeling parts, components, assemblies and more of the many facets that are involved in these industries are a perfect fit with polyester adhesive.

Medical and healthcare labels. Because polyester adhesive is able to withstand sterilization processes and frequent cleaning and disinfection, it's a common choice for labeling medical equipment, instruments and other devices.

Outdoor signage. Polyester adhesive is UV-resistant and built to withstand even the harshest weather conditions without failing or fading. This makes it the perfect choice for outdoor applications.

Barcodes. Barcodes are ubiquitous across a multitude of industries — manufacturing, warehouse, retail, logistics and many more. They are a vital component in the entire supply chain process and must remain in good condition, whether on a product sitting in a warehouse in Canada or in a port in south Florida.

Again, this is just a snapshot. Trust us, if you don't see your industry or application, it's probably on the list. Polyester adhesives are so versatile and durable, they're a great choice for a wide variety of situations.

Use polyester adhesives in your next project! 

Polyester adhesives benefits

Why is polyester such a common label adhesive in various applications and industries? It boils down to durability, resistance and versatility. Polyester adhesive will stay stuck, period, no matter what the conditions throw at it. Let's look at those benefits in more detail.


Polyester adhesives are known for being the most durable and long-lasting in the business. It can withstand moisture, chemicals and other solutions, UV rays — whatever the environment or manmade conditions throw at this adhesive, it will stand up to it. Polyester is also known to stand up to any tears, ensuring your labels remain intact.


Extreme hot or cold temperatures; chemicals, solvents, oils or cleaning products; sunlight; water, humidity, moisture, and polyester labels are resistant to the harshest environment. Whether you need a label to stick at the North Pole, the South Pacific, or in hurricane alley, polyester is the right choice.


Sure, it can stand up to just about anything, but sometimes, a label has to look good while doing it. Not only does polyester stay stuck in just about any condition or application, it is also versatile in terms of how it looks. Our customers typically choose between clear or white options, depending on the product, surface, or application they're using.

UL regulations

You may be familiar with UL regulations and certification. In a nutshell, UL (Underwriters Laboratories) is the largest and oldest independent testing lab in the country. They test products for safety before they can be marketed around the world. UL tests 22 billion products each year, in industries like electronics, medical equipment, security equipment and much more.

UL labels are proof of that product's compliance with UL standards and are particularly important for industries that impact safety.

Aspects considered and covered by the UL include:

Components: In many instances, UL doesn't just look at the whole product but its individual components. Things like electronics, plastics, adhesives, wires and more.

UL Recognized Component Mark: This is a mark on the label that indicates the component is certified by UL.

Label Material and Performance: Labels themselves must meet performance criteria, like temperature resistance and the ability to withstand chemicals.

Questions about UL labels? We're here to help. Learn more!

Easily print durable labels

We create durable label and industrial printing solutions for a wide range of applications and industries, using our experience and cutting-edge technology to maintain tight tolerances and outstanding quality in every production run. Our new partner, Alliance, offers custom, industrial labels from materials engineered to withstand even the harshest of environments. We offer digital storefronts, inventory management, mailing operations, fulfillment and print solutions.

We can also create UL labels and help manufacturers and suppliers meet UL requirements. Our in-house print and digital designers can modify existing designs or create new ones to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Learn more about our durable label and industrial printing solutions here

Value-added services

We're your one-stop shop for printing needs, and we offer several value-added services to our customers, in addition to durable label printing and UL certification guidance. Here's a quick look at other services we provide:

Kitting. Our team can seamlessly prepare your components for assembly, labeled and compartmentalized to your exact specifications.

Die cutting. Fast and versatile, custom and precision die-cutting capabilities are a cornerstone of our conversion and fabrication processes. Using multiple technologies, our capacities include rotary and flat-bed stamping with the capacity to design and custom cut shapes to meet any specifications — even those requiring tight tolerances. We use only the highest quality materials available including tape, pressure-sensitive materials, silicone rubber, gasket materials, plastics, foam, foil and specialty materials.

RFID Solutions. Our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solutions integrate with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and work with IoT devices to effectively track assets, work orders and inventory.

Vendor Managed Inventory Systems. Automate the replenishment process and focus on more income-generating tasks with proven vendor inventory management systems that are RFID compatible. Hisco’s partnerships with SupplyPro and AutoCrib give you the tools and the power to analyze, monitor, manage, measure and dispense even the tiniest components of your inventory, putting you in complete control.

Downpacking. Convert bulk adhesives, sealants and silicones into smaller packaging, which can be labeled and kitted with Precision Converter components for product assembly, whether it’s designed for in-house fulfillment or consumer assembly. Adhesive Materials Group (AMG), a 3M Preferred Converter, and an authorized repackager for some of the leading adhesive brands, guaranteeing you’ll achieve the quality and results you’re looking for.

Learn more about how our value-added services can enhance your project!

At Hisco, we're the experts in adhesives. Let us put that expertise to work for you to find the best solution for your needs.

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