Get on board with solid PCB protection in a silicone potting compound.

When miniaturization and increased thermal demands pressure your bottom line, challenge your boundaries instead. Elkem Silicones for electronics applications protect delicate assemblies from thermal and mechanical stress with advanced formulations designed for modern operations. Elkem’s Bluesil® potting material and encapsulating compound flow around components easily. Achieve high heat conductivity with high heat stability, so you’ll always keep your cool in an ever-changing environment.

Adhesive silicone solutions are available at Hisco, your authorized distributor of Elkem Silicones.

Build a Better, Safer Solution with Bluesil

Protect your components—and the environment—with efficient, safe and compliant silicones from Bluesil. Designed for engineers and environmentalists alike, Elkem’s line of Bluesil RTV resins and gels ensure your great design is also a green design with each potting and encapsulation project you encounter.

  • Contain eco-friendly properties
  • Offer reliability
  • Increase productivity with high output
  • Provide thermal and mechanical stress protection
  • Feature very fast cure and high dielectric strength
  • Pot, encapsulate, seal and bond based on your unique requirements

Solidify silicone selection at Hisco.

Whether you need optical bonding or an electronic encapsulation, we’ll help you get there. Our representatives are trained to deliver the Elkem solution that meets and exceeds your expectations, including a made-to-order one. Contact us today!

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