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Flexible solutions for the industry you shape

In any shape or form, silicones impart performance. Elkem Silicones transforms your sphere of influence. From specialty mold-making formulas and release coatings to elastomers, emulsions and aerospace sealants, Elkem's unique silicone technologies simply advance manufacturing methods—better. Even electronics are encapsulated in the industry's most protective solutions. Whatever your individual requirements, Elkem Silicones supports them and then some. Elkem shapes your environment with eco-efficient production practices that also support a sustainable future.

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Mold Making

Accurate reproduction begins with reliable general purpose, architectural and rapid prototype molds. Cast with ease and unbeatable predictability when you rely on Elkem's Bluesil® brand RTV-2 product portfolio.


Tackle temperature extremes, vibration, stress and more with Bluesil compounds for aeronautics and aerospace applications. Stare down an unforgiving margin of error with these must-have silicones for time-tested protection.


A world-leading silicone rubber manufacturer, Elkem knows how to protect electronic components against mechanical and environmental contamination. Pot, encapsulate, seal and bond with the Bluesil product range that also protects your integrity.

Let us show you where the rubber meets the road.

At Hisco, we put your ideas to the test. We'll gladly show you how advanced silicone technology intersects with your best business practices. And, we'll show you how to document your cost savings while you're at it. Contact us today!

Elkem Silicones

high heat resistant | age resistant | water repellent | expands & contracts | low toxicity

Products # of Solutions Elkem Brands # of Industries # of Different Applications Examples of Applications
Release coatings 246 Bluesil, CAF, Lyndcoat, Silbione, Silcolease 13 66 Bonding agent, foam stabilizer, injection molding
Elastomers 519 Bluesil, CAF, Mix & Fix, Silbione, Silcolease 13 54 Adhesive, coating, mold making, potting and encapsulation
Fluids 1040 Bluesil, CAF, Mirasil, Silbione, Silcolapse, Silcolease 14 85 Demulsifier, lubricant, metal processing fluid
Emulsions 153 Bluesil, Lyndcoat, Mirasil, Silbione, Silcolapse, Silcolease 13 53 Mold release, additive, coating, extrudate, plastic compounding, process fluid
Resins 974 Bluesil, CAF, Syndcoat, Mirasil, Silbione, Silcolapse, Silcolease 14 90 Binder, dielectric, oxidation inhibitor, PV junction box adhesive, PV junction box potting agent