Ensure longer-lasting electronics performance with Henkel potting

From portable digital devices to transportation, electronics are increasingly present in our daily lives. Whether automotive, consumer electronics or industrial electronic systems, the technologies we depend on use a variety of components like sensors, actuators and circuit boards that require protection.

Henkel's one- and two-part potting compound materials fit your needs with Stycast brand solutions. These produce a hermetic-like seal to protect sensitive electronic devices against environmental influences such as dust, moisture and temperature variations to preserve the integrity of their components and ensure performance for longer.

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The primary function of potting compounds is to reinforce components by:

  • Improving mechanical and thermal performance
  • Providing insulation and resistance to vibration and shock
  • Preventing corrosion from moisture
  • Providing chemical resistance
  • Improving heat dissipation

Why use Henkel for sensitive electronics?

  • - Ensure protection of materials from environmental factors
  • - Improve the reliability of the end application
  • - Maintain the integrity of components
  • - Preserve performance for longer

Typical potting applications

  • - PCBs and junction boxes
  • - LED encapsulation
  • - Solar modules
  • - Power electronics
  • - Heat transfer for thermal management

Hisco has the right products and know-how to protect your sensitive electronics.

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