Need expert solutions for your industrial assembly?
Let Hisco be your adhesive distributor.

The best way to solve an assembly challenge or problem is to let an expert handle it. So, if you need advice on the right industrial adhesive for your application or have a challenging assembly project, you can rely on our adhesive experts to make that project come alive.

Hisco is your reliable source for adhesive solutions and know-how for a wide range of industrial assembly processes and applications.

Let Hisco be your new adhesives supplier so you can:

Increase throughput

Reduce weight of the final product

Bond and seal a wide variety of substrates in one step

Eliminate corrosion when joining dissimilar metals

Achieve even distribution of stress on the loads

Build weatherproof products

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Why Choose Hisco for Industrial Adhesive Solutions?


In-house custom repackaging

Save time and money, reduce waste



Expert service and support

Aerospace, medical device, automotive and industrial markets


Inventory management

Track material usage, reduce waste and eliminate stock-outs