Loctite Ablestik

Rethink Modern Packaging with Top Shelf Adhesive Solutions

Struggling to find the right packaging adhesive? Get it together with LOCTITE Ablestik, recognized around the globe as the first name in adhesives and films for micro-assembly and semiconductor packaging applications. The preferred choice of top packaging firms, the LOCTITE Ablestik portfolio includes both conductive and non-conductive adhesives as well as electrically conductive and insulating films suitable for use with a range of applications and market segments. From underfills to die attach adhesives and beyond, LOCTITE Ablestik is the cost-effective and reliable solution to meet modern packaging demands.

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LOCTITE Ablestik Products

Adhesives & Sealants

Engineered to protect electronics from environmental degradation, LOCTITE Ablestik epoxy adhesives provide superior resistance to hazards like high temperatures and chemical exposure.

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