Reveal New Possibilities with the World of LOCTITE®

Sometimes a brand you've known for years can unlock a world of uncharted possibility. With cost-effective technologies built on a history of performance, reliability and invention, it's no wonder professionals around the globe trust LOCTITE for a range of electronics applications. And, from adhesives and threadlockers to lubricants and more, there's a LOCTITE solution to resolve even your biggest challenges.

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Meet the industry's most familiar brand, and meet challenges head on with a complete offering of adhesives, sealants, coatings, dispensing equipment and more.

LOCTITE Ablestik

Why not stick with the leader? With a range of adhesives, films and underfills engineered for use with semiconductor and microassembly applications, Ablestik solutions are trusted by packaging firms across the globe.

LOCTITE Eccobond®

Keep your cool with adhesive materials designed for effective thermal management across a range of substrates. Engineered to dissipate heat from bonded components, Eccobond products and solutions deliver reliability, performance, value and ease-of-use.


It's easy being green with Hysol advanced solutions. Based on environmentally friendly technologies, the Hysol brand encompasses the latest advancements in semiconductor packaging materials and molding compounds built on years Henkel research and expertise.

LOCTITE E&C (formerly Emerson & Cuming)

It's production made easy. Designed to meet a range of consumer electronics application requirements, E&C conductive inks and coatings are used for the production of PCBs, touch screens, automotive sensors, notebook PCs and much more.


Ensure the critical reliability to meet the demands of today's electronics. Stycast PCB protection materials safeguard electronic components and PCBs from environmental effects, including temperature extremes, fluids, corrosive elements, shock and vibration.