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Bond on demand with Loctite UV adhesives

Solvents, mixing requirements and bulky curing equipment all contribute to assembly delays, wasted space and increased frustration. Let your production line shine, and create an instant, high-performance bond with Loctite UV adhesives. With a spectrum of options designed for high transparency, optimal performance and exceptional stability, Loctite light cure adhesives are the preferred choice of medical device and industrial manufacturers around the globe.

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Why Choose a Loctite UV Cure Adhesive?

  • Speed, with cure often achieved within seconds.
  • One-part system eliminates mixing requirements.
  • Cure-on-demand engineering supports parts alignment.
  • Saves space & minimizes equipment requirements.
  • UV cure requires less energy than ovens.
  • Facilitates rapid post-assembly parts testing.
  • Supports in-line production.

Light Can Reach Entire Bond Line through a Transparent Substrate

Highly Flexible Solutions

Bonding challenges and extreme conditions are no match for these versatile, rapid-curing Loctite UV adhesives.

Loctite 3974

Low-modulus, single-component and fluorescing adhesive offers a rapid cure with exposure to UV or visible light. Designed to withstand extreme environmental exposure and thermal cycling.

Loctite 5050

Non-corrosive silicone engineered for rapid adhesion, sealing and gasketing applications. Ideal for use with difficult-to-bond substrates.

Loctite 5056

Non-corrosive, silicone adhesive offers exceptional bond strength for high-speed sealing and rapid adhesion applications, as well as difficult-to-bond substrates.

Transparent Glass Substrates

Lock in a strong, clear bond that won't yellow in sunlight with light-cure adhesives designed for clear glass and beyond.

Loctite 3494

Acrylic-based instant adhesive offers high transparency and exceptional viscosity with an on-demand, rapid-cure speed. Well suited for plastics, ceramics, glass and metals.

Loctite 3525

Rugged and resilient, this clear, acrylic-based adhesive is engineered for high-strength, instant bonding. Ideal for use with glass, ceramics, plastics and metals.

Transparent Plastic Substrates

Strength meets sensitivity with light-cure, medical-grade adhesives designed for stress-sensitive plastics.

Loctite 3922

Colorless, transparent, acrylic-based adhesive ensures flexibility and bond strength for medical device manufacturing applications.

Loctite 3926

Acrylic-based adhesive for stress-sensitive plastics and medical device manufacturing applications. High-viscosity formula ensures flexible bonds with low yellowing in sunlight.

Loctite 3979

Non-sag, red fluorescent, light cure adhesive gel ensures easy, on-part detection pre- or post-cure. Medical device grade product is ideal for porous surfaces and vertical applications.

Light Cannot Reach Entire Bond Line through a Transparent Substrate

High Bond Strength Required

Speed and strength — cure rugged applications in a flash with UV cure adhesives engineered for both.

Loctite 4310

Flashcure® adhesive offers rapid curing, low viscosity and clear-to-pale-green color properties. Ideally suited for OEM assembly applications where rapid fixturing and bond strength are essential.

Loctite 4311

High-viscosity, Flashcure adhesive offers a rapid cure with clear-to-pale-green color properties. Essential for applications requiring a highly durable bond with very rapid fixturing.

Flexible Bond Line

Secure a bond with maximum flexibility, adhesion and speed properties with proprietary Nuva-Sil® silicone adhesives.

Loctite 5240

Nuva-Sil silicone adhesive sealant offers the strength and flexibility ideal for high-speed adhesion and sealing applications. Self-leveling and non-corrosive.

Colored, Transparent Plastics

Simplify bonded assembly inspection with light-cure adhesives designed for a fast, tack-free cure.

Loctite 3556

Acrylic-based adhesive delivers a rapid, tack-free cure within 10 seconds. Ideal for potting applications and use with colored, transparent plastics.

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