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Highest peel and impact strength of any adhesive in its class — LORD Adhesive 406/19

Leaks, corrosion and gradual loosening — all unwanted side effects of the common mechanical fastener. Free yourself from traditional fastening methods and improve overall reliability with LORD Adhesive 406/19, a two-component formula engineered to replace brazing, riveting and welding — with the highest impact and peel strengths available for any room-temperature cure adhesive.

Working in an extreme environment, or with difficult-to-bond substrates? The LORD 406/19 acrylic adhesive performs effortlessly in temperatures of -40°F to 300°F or above and is specially formulated to bond to a wide range of metal and plastic surfaces — making it easily one of the most versatile adhesive options available.

Why Choose LORD 406/19 Acrylic Adhesive?

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  • Replaces brazing, riveting, welding and other mechanical fasteners
  • Delivers high performance in low-temperature environments
  • Bonds a range of metals and engineered plastic substrates
  • Delivers highest impact and peel strengths available with a room-temperature cure
  • Performs well in temperature extremes of -40°F to +300°F
  • Non-sag formula supports vertical/overhead application for process flexibility
  • UL 746C certified formula

Forego the fasteners and improve performance. Ask us how.

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