Protektive Pak

Shield Your Packages from Static Stowaways with Protective Pak

Conductive Buried Layer Equal to E3 Ohms

Exceeds Static Shielding Capacity of Coated Box

Equals Static Shielding Capacity of Metal Out Shielding Bag

Dissipative Outer Layer Minimizes Energy Discharge

Hidden damage. Without the right kind of ESD protective materials, it greets your customers when your packages arrive.

Coated boxes don’t always cut it – featuring a conductive outer layer, coated boxes aren’t as effective a Protective Pak’s dissipative outer layer, which effectively lowers overall discharge energy. It’s simply a more advanced solution to an age-old challenge.

Protektive Pak demystifies the material handling and shipping processes with solutions engineered to effectively lower overall discharge energy, helping to ensure the safe transport of sensitive components. So, you can rest assured your customers aren't getting more than they bargained for.

Material Handling

Turn to Protektive Pak's trusted, static-shielding solutions for the way you want your system to work.

ESD Packaging

Defend against catastrophic and latent device failures with a comprehensive selection of static dissipative packaging options, including bags, bins, boxes and more.

Personal Protection

A path-to-ground for virtually any environment, personal grounding supplies from Protektive Pak are integral to your total ESD-control program.

Document Holders

Anti-static document holders stand up to static as well as spills in all of your ESD protected areas.

Trash Can Liners

From cleanrooms to quality control, count on Protektive Pak trash can liners anywhere static control is essential.

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