Build, upgrade and repair your HVAC systems with 3M duct tape & other UL 723 standard products from Hisco

Fire resistance standards measure the performance of various constructions, including materials for HVAC manufacturing for fire containment purposes.

The UL 723 Surface Burning Characteristic of Building Materials test is a standard of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) that measures building materials' burning properties or fire resistance in the case of exposure to flames. Code officials use the results from this test to accept materials for HVAC manufacturing.

Hisco carries a comprehensive portfolio of HVAC solutions that complaint with UL 723 standards for fire resistance and performance, including foams, gaskets, insulation, sealants, and tapes.

UL 723 compliant HVAC solutions from Hisco

UL 723 Foams

Hisco's UL 723 foams work as an excellent insulator to prevent condensation build-up on surfaces in HVAC plenums, pipes, and pans. These foams are also helpful to reduce vibration, deaden sound, and seal holes, seams, and ductwork.

UL 723 Gasketing

Whether you want to upgrade or replace HVAC systems and components, Hisco's UL 723 gasketing solutions not only provide a leak-tight seal in metal ductwork but also reduce vibrations from motors and fans to help you improve efficiency.

UL 723 Insulation

Hisco offers efficient thermal UL 723 insulation solutions for pipes and ductwork used in HVAC assemblies to improve energy efficiency, provide optimal sound deadening and fire protection, and help increase overall safety.

UL 723 Sealants

Hisco's UL 723 sealants are ideal for thermal insulation and vapor sealing across HVAC systems of different pressures. These sealants work as a strong, flexible adhesive and sealant, forming a durable seal against air and thermal leaks.

UL 723 Tapes

Ensure an airtight bond on joints and seams with Hisco's UL 723 tape for HVAC applications. Our UL 723 foil tapes deliver high performance across different temperature ranges with maximum strength and improved aesthetics in fiberglass duct boards and flexible air ducts. They can also replace mechanical fasteners on rigid duct boards.

Rely on Hisco's UL 723 compliant solutions for your HVAC applications.

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