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Partner with Hisco to improve your HVAC manufacturing and reduce costs.

Hisco delivers cost savings and process improvement in HVAC manufacturing.

Why Hisco?

We help our customers save time and money, with over $1M in Documented Cost Savings in the HVAC markets through:

  • Hisco's 25-years' experience in HVAC manufacturing
  • Process improvement know-how
  • 2 fabrication facilities in North America
  • Fabrication services for heating, ventilation, A/C, refrigeration and humidification
  • Industry-leading key partners and suppliers

Key Products

  • Spray adhesives
  • PVC/Copper wire
  • Resin and polyester nameplates
  • Switch membranes/overlays
  • Fabricated parts
  • Stretch film
  • Surface treatment
  • Single/double coated tapes
  • Silicones/urethanes/epoxies
  • PPE
  • Brazing
  • Cable ties
  • Banding strap
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Fabricated parts - OEM materials

Elastomeric Foam

  • EPDM, Neoprene, PVC-NBR, PE
    Air and moisture seals, vibration damping, PSAs applied per application

Electrical Insulation

  • Electrical isolation of control boards from enclosures
  • UL 94V-0 flame retardant films
  • Self-bonding primary insulating tapes, wraps and more
    High thermal conductivity, prevent corrosion on braised joints