Improve electronics performance with Vantage precision cleaners.

Vantage (formerly Petroferm) electronics products clean to perfection. With a full range of powerful application-specific products, you can expect each formula to function soundly while meeting the cleaning requirements for electronic assembly and semiconductor packaging.

Vantage’s high-performance cleaners offer low environmental impact and high flux-loading capacity, making them well-suited for cleaning assemblies, components and microcircuits. Looking for manual, non-halogenated products? Vantage offers a variety of effective drop-in replacements for isopropyl alcohol (IPA).


  • Remove flux from solder materials
  • Remove flux residue generated by high melting point (HMP) solder
  • Remove raw solder and uncured surface mount adhesives
  • Use for enhanced cleaning
    (higher flash points, controlled evaporation rates, low VOCs)
  • Use with inerted, spray-in-air, immersion and ultrasonic cleaning processes

Electronic Cleaning Products

  • Inline Defluxing
  • Vapor Degreasing
  • Batch Defluxing
  • IPA Replacement
  • Stencil and Misprint Circuit Cleaning
  • Semi-Aqueous Defluxing
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