structural adhesives

Enhance performance and reliability with Vantage precision cleaners.

Make a cleaner choice with Vantage’s (formerly Petroferm) naturally derived, advanced product solutions. Widely recognized for their reliability and compatibility characteristics, proven performers BIOACT®, AXAREL®, CleanSafe, LENIUM®, HYDREX® and RE-ENTRY® give you the power to clean difficult-to-remove flux and no-flux residues, adhesives, lubricants and more.

Vantage Electronics Products

  • Inline defluxing
  • Vapor degreasing
  • Batch defluxing
  • Isopropyl alcohol replacements
  • Stencil and misprint circuit cleaning
  • Semi-aqueous defluxing
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Vantage Aerospace and Defense Products

  • Manual cleaning and surface preparation
  • Immersion and spray cleaning applications
  • Vapor degreasing equipment
  • Coating removal
  • Military and defense contractors
  • Avionics, electronic assemblies and rework
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