Send your old rework system out to sea.

Channel surfing? Go right ahead — now through June 30th, purchase any new two- or three-channel Weller rework station listed below, and select a FREE coordinating accessory. Mix it up — every system purchased qualifies for a different attachment.

Feature-rich and designed to provide the ideal heating solution, Weller rework systems are built to hang in there for the long haul. Select from any number of options... all Weller high-performance rework systems are expertly engineered in Germany and crafted for efficiency, durability, ergonomics and low cost of ownership — so you can easily navigate your way through even the biggest rework challenges.

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Buy One of These:

Part # Description
WR2000X WR2000X Desolder Station, DXV80 120V
WR3000M WR3000M Rework System, 3-Function 120V
WR3000SA WR3ME, WP80, DXV80, HAP200 120V
WR3000SS WR3ME, 2XWP80, WDH10, DXV80, WDH40 120V
WR3000TA WR3ME, WP80, WMRTMS, HAP200 120V
WR3ME WR3M Control Unit 120V
WR5000M WR3ME, WR2 Kit5 (5 Tools) 120V
WXA2010 WXA 2010 Hot Air Station 120V
WXR3 WXR3 Control Unit 120V
WXR3001 WXR3 / WXHAP200 / WXDP120 / WXP65 120V
WXR3002 WXR3 / WXHAP200 / WXDP120 / WXP120 120V
WXR3003 WXR3 / WXHAP200 / WXDV120 / WXP65 120V

Choose One of These Free:

WM System Accessories:

Part # Description
WMRPMS Set WMRPMS Iron, WDH50 Stand and RT3MS Tip
WMRTMS Set WMRTMS Tweezer, WMRTH Stand and RTW2MS Tweezer Cartridge
WVP WVP Vacuum Pickup Pen with Two Sizes of Vacuum Nipples for WR3M Station
WP65 Set WMP Micro Solder Iron with XNT A Tip and WDH 10 Holder for WD Stations
WP80 Set WP80 Solder Iron w/ LTB Tip and WDH10 Stand for WD and WR3M Stations
WSP80 Set WSP80 Iron, WDH10 Stand and LTB Tip
WP120 Set WP120 Soldering Set with WDH10T Stand
WSP150 Set WSP150 Solder Iron w/ LHTF Tip and WDH30 Stand for WD2 and WD2M Stations
WP200 Set WP200 Iron, WDH31 Stand and XHTD Tip
WTA50 Set WTA50 Tweezers Set with AK51 Safety Rest
DXV80 Set DXV80 Desoldering Iron with WDH40 Stand, DX112 and DX113 Tiplets for WR3M Station
DSX80 Set DSX80 Desoldering Iron with DX113HM Tiplet and WDH30 Stand for WR3M Station
DSX120 Set DSX120 Desoldering Iron, WDH40 Stand and DSX113 Desoldering Tiplet
FE75 Integral Fume Extraction Tool
HAP200 Set Hot Air Iron with Nozzle Adapter and WDH30 Stand for WR3M Station
HAP1 Set Hot Air Iron with Two Standard Nozzles and Stand
WHP80 Preheating Plate, 80W / 24V
WSB80 Solder Bath 80W for WD1, WD1M, WD2, WD2M, WRS3000 and WR3M
WSB150 Solder Bath Rework Tool 150W for WD2, WD2M and WR3M

WX System Accessories:

Part # Description
WXP65 Set ESD-Safe WX Series 65W Soldering Iron with WDH10 Stand
WXP120 Set WX Series 120W Soldering Iron with WDH10T Stand
WXP200 Set WX Series 200W Soldering Iron with WDH31 Stand
WXMP-MS Set WX Series 40W Micro Soldering Iron with WDH50 Stand
WXMT-MS Set WX Series 40W Micro Soldering Tweezers with WDH60 Stand
WXDP120 Set WXDP 120 Desoldering Iron for WX Series Stations with WDH70 Stand
WXDV120 Set WX Series ESD-Safe Inline Desoldering Iron with Safety Rest for WXD2 Station, 120W
WXHAP200 Set WXHAP200 Hot Air Iron for WXA2 and WXA2010 Stations, Iron Only
WVP WVP Vacuum Pickup Pen with Two Sizes of Vacuum Nipples for WR3M Station
WXHP120 Preheating Plate for WXA2, WXD2, WX2 and WX1 Power Units, 120W / 24V
WXSB200 Solder Bath Rework Tool 200W for WX2, WX1, WXD2, and WXA2 Power Units

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