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Welcome to the Future of Automated Manufacturing

Businesses like yours are approaching automation solutions to meet customer expectations and achieve sustainable growth. By embracing automation technology, they can streamline workflows while maintaining optimal process performance, quality standards, and cost reductions.

Unlock the full potential of your production line with 3M's cutting-edge adhesive and tape solutions. 3M's innovative products offer unmatched performance, efficiency, and reliability. In addition, with 3M's automated manufacturing adhesives and tapes, you can revolutionize your production process, streamline operations, and achieve unprecedented productivity.

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3M Scotch-Weld Digital Dispensing Assistant

When it comes to achieving flawless results with adhesive cartridges, you can rely on 3M Scotch-Weld Digital Dispensing Assistant—this innovative and effective calibration tool accounts for temperature, aging, and lot control variables. The 3M Scotch-Weld Digital Dispensing Assistant offers unrivaled scientific expertise and research to produce optimal pressure settings.

To use it effectively, calibrate your dispenser with the easy-to-follow instructions provided. Then input the details of your adhesive cartridge, such as lot code information, current temperature, and desired flow rate. The dispensing assistant can provide a valuable recommendation for the perfect pressure setting to help you:

  • Save time and resources by minimizing recalibration
  • Reduce reworked and scrapped pieces
  • Cut down on adhesive waste

3M On Demand Bonding System featuring 3M VHB Extrudable Tape

Introducing an innovative bonding solution tailored for the future and boasts of full automation. The 3M On Demand Bonding System with 3M VHB Extrudable Tape upgrade allows you to maintain a competitive edge through four key areas; efficiency, versatility, simplicity, and sustainability.

RoboTape System for 3M Tape

Meet the most innovative solution for automated tape production capable of achieving unparalleled precision, repeatability and high output rates. Developed by Innovative Automation and 3M with close attention to the manufacturing sector's specific needs, the customizable RoboTape™ system streamlines operation procedures and maintenance requirements.

The RoboTape system is adaptable for foam, felt and attachment tapes, and it has been pre-configured and optimized specifically for various types of 3M VHB Tapes. Its flexible design allows the system to be integrated into both small and large industrial robots or cobots from different robot OEMs, catering to customer preferences. To achieve extended run times and reduce material handling, the system utilizes level-wound rolls of 3M VHB Tape — available directly through Precision Converting, a Preferred 3M Converter.

3M Straight Line Laminator

Take production up a notch with the 3M Straight Line Laminator, engineered to maximize efficiency and productivity. Straightforward and easy-to use, the Straight Line Laminator is a “process assist,” designed to increase productivity and elevate manual application efficiency when used alongside hands-on techniques. Designed for use with 3M VHB Tape, the 3M Straight Line Laminator system works through the help of human operators who feed straight parts through a dispenser, carefully applying pressure as the laminator smoothly applies the tape to provide a quick and user-friendly solution for attaching stiffeners and posts to panels in various applications. Featuring robust, acrylic adhesive to deliver instant strength and a durable bond, 3M VHB tapes are engineered to improve the overall aesthetics of the finished product by eliminating the need for rivets, screws, and weld distortion. Applications include stiffener applications for panels, specialty vehicles, metal enclosures and more.

Unlock the potential of automation manufacturing with a 3M Preferred Converter

Nothing unlocks the potential of adhesive automation in your operations and processes like access to the entire 3M product and solution portfolio. As a 3M Preferred Converter, Hisco's Precision Converting business can take you to the next level in automation manufacturing. We also provide a range of services such as adhesive lamination, die cutting, laser cutting, slitting, printing and more -- allowing us to transform your adhesive to meet the requirements of any custom application while enhancing assembly efficiency and product quality. Simply contact us to learn more, and work with one of our seasoned engineering experts to explore 3M adhesive materials and automation.

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