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Apply 3M products to your electronics assembly applications, and open the door to innovation. 3M Electronics leads the charge toward next-generation technologies, so you're always advancing with new capabilities. As a 3M Preferred Converter, as well as an authorized distributor, Hisco also custom engineers the solutions that fit perfectly into your assembly process—while adhering to your budget.

Thermal Management Materials

Ever-shrinking electronic components with increasing complexity demand new materials and designs for optimum thermal conductivity, dissipation and insulation. Rely on 3M Electronics' complete portfolio of conductive interface pads, epoxies, adhesive transfer tapes and conductive grease for advanced thermal management and high power output.

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High Temperature Tapes

3M Electronics understands the chemistry of temperature. Engineer composite materials with ease even when extreme conditions threaten reliability and dimensional stability. Tackle temperatures up to 500°F when you mask with 3M's assortment of water soluble, low static and general purpose tapes for high temps.

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Protective Products

Sound damping, energy absorbing Bumpon protective products provide a layer of safety between your sensitive devices and everything else. Pressure sensitive adhesives bond fast and permanently to protect against slamming, nicking, sliding and more. A custom solution scales easily and affordably to your specific design.

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