LOCTITE Eccobond

Meet Ever-Changing Demands of Modern Assembly Applications

Modern-day production processes are anything but stagnant. In a world of constant innovation and technology advancements, you can't afford to write off reliability or flexibility as a luxury asset. Luckily, this is where Henkel's line of LOCTITE Eccobond® products and solutions shine.

Engineered to effectively and efficiently bond and seal dissimilar substrates – such as metal to plastic – LOCTITE Eccobond can be used with a range of catalysts to evolve your processes and achieve the desired effect. From advanced automotive, consumer and industrial electronics to leading-edge defense and aerospace applications, LOCTITE Eccobond is well-suited for a host of electronics applications. And, with a complete product portfolio of conductive and non-conductive adhesive pastes, surface mount adhesives, potting compounds and more, LOCTITE Eccobond makes it easy to be a modern-day da Vinci – so your processes can adapt as quickly as the applications they support.

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LOCTITE Eccobond Products

Epoxy Adhesives

Engineered to withstand the thermal and physical stresses common to modern assembly applications, LOCTITE Eccobond offers a range of conductive and non-conductive paste adhesives.

Encapsulating & Potting Compounds

Designed to enhance mechanical reliability, LOCTITE Eccobond encapsulating and potting compounds protect joints against stress and improve process time.

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