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Ensure safe and reliable fleets with Hisco aircraft adhesives

Aircraft require high-quality aerospace structural adhesives to ensure safe and reliable fleets. And manufacturers have a wide range of needs for aircraft production of structural components, parts, and engines, such as materials for surface preparation and lightning strike protection, composite, metal bonding adhesives, and aircraft sealants.

Hisco is a proven aerospace adhesive supplier with a broad portfolio of products throughout the supply chain. These products include film, adhesive paste, anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies, acrylics, and UV curing adhesives.

In addition, leading manufacturers engineer all Hisco's aerospace adhesives with years of experience in the aerospace field. This allows us to offer aeronautical design engineers a wide range of joining solutions for production, maintenance, and repair for the aerospace industry.

All our products meet the stringent specifications of aircraft manufacturers. As a result, they use our aerospace adhesives in all life cycle phases, from OEM design to component manufacturing for airliners, helicopters, jets, and general aviation applications.

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