Replicate the architecture of the past with present-day silicone mold making.

Transcend the timeless beauty of period architecture. The finest craftsmen cast stone with silicones for the modern world. Your Bluesil production mold allows repeated castings of new architectural elements in concrete and more for the manufactured stone veneer that mirrors real life down to the last detail. Go ahead, build your reputation. Architectural reproduction begins with Elkem Silicones, the cornerstone of 21st century construction.

See concrete casting in a new light. For a flawless, faux stone panel, check out our selection guide here.

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Hisco carries the Bluesil silicone of choice for every cast stone veneer you need to reproduce. We’re an authorized distributor of Elkem Silicones, and we’ll document your real savings.

6 Tips Before Your Next Architectural Reproduction

  1. Need high dimensional accuracy? Try a polyaddition RTV.
  2. Molding vertical surfaces? Try a putty or thixotropic additive.
  3. Got deep undercuts? Softer durometers work best.
  4. Large molds? Higher durometers work best.
  5. Molding with plaster, gypsum or concrete? Try a polycondensation RTV.
  6. Looking for varying hardnesses? Cure a polyaddition base with a range of crosslinkers.

Cast it in stone at Hisco

At Hisco, we help you reproduce your ideas—time and time again. Our representatives will gladly recommend the perfect Bluesil silicone to shape your architectural dream into a 3D reality. Contact us today!

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