Meet your match—in every detail—with Elkem mold making silicones

Cast after cast, Elkem rubber molding material replicates your authentic voice. With fine reproduction detail to the nearest micron, nothing compares to Elkem casting silicone rubber for architectural molding and much more. The closest iterations get to market faster with Elkem's Bluesil® RTV-2 silicones for rapid prototyping and composite materials manufacturing. Addition- and condensation-cure silicone rubbers cast a variety of molds for special effects, animatronics and prosthetics—with real results. Elkem Silicones is the catalyst for efficiency and productivity regardless of your industry.

Concrete Casting and Architectural Molding

Replicate an ancient villa with a little help from modern silicones. Create and recreate single stones or entire facades when you cast a concrete formulation into a Bluesil silicone mold.

Rapid Prototyping

Build, test and acquire better end-products that avoid costly delays and changes. Elkem boasts state-of-the-art rapid prototyping technology for transparent, glass-like molds you have to see to believe.

Special Effects, Animatronics and Prosthetics

Accelerate your animatronics and bring special effects projects to life with Bluesil brand silicones designed for flexibility and repetitive motion. Their superior physical properties are also ideally suited for orthopedic applications.

Release Your Potential

Stick with Bluesil and cast with confidence. A Bluesil mold release agent makes it possible. Use them to release molded products, like polyurethane in architectural molds, easily and efficiently. These agents save time and money with silicone polymers designed for low adhesion or easy release.

  • Excellent spreading on a variety of substrates
  • Ideal for irregular or fine surfaces
  • Provide thermal stability
  • Improve production processes
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Thin films do not interfere with substrate properties

Hisco helps you fill in the details.

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