Boost efficiency, reduce weight and ensure reliability with
Henkel solutions for aerospace

Henkel is a leader in structural adhesives and surface treatments for aircraft OEM and MRO, backed by over 50 years of industry experience. With a portfolio of aerospace solutions designed to ensure durability and safety, Henkel products can help boost fuel efficiency, reduce aircraft weight and minimize emissions of carbon dioxide, mono-nitrogen oxides and noise levels.

Hisco is ready to help manufacturers and maintenance teams overcome their challenges using Henkel's broad portfolio of products for aerospace.

Henkel Structural Adhesives
for Aerospace

Henkel Surface Treatments
for Aerospace

Henkel Film Adhesives
for Aerospace

Move forward with one of North America's largest AS9120 distributors.

Warehouse proximity - Hisco maintains one of North America's largest networks of AS9120 certified locations and the largest footprint of any North American distributor.

Supply chain savings - Hisco is an authorized distributor of key industry suppliers including Henkel, 3M, AkzoNobel, Wacker, Lord and hundreds more.

Quality compliance - With North America's largest network of AS9120 locations, our associates are trained to ensure constant quality compliance.

Process improvement - Support green initiatives and lessen your waste stream with process improvements designed for higher capacity and overall savings.

Achieve safe and efficient air travel with Henkel Aerospace

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