Lock in consistency & precision with LOCTITE adhesive dispensers

Get your dispensing solution on target with LOCTITE adhesive dispensers — designed for enhanced memory, improved reliability and increased performance. From volumetric dispensing systems to hand-held dispensing guns, our extensive selection of LOCTITE equipment ensures you'll achieve consistent results with each dot and bead dispensed. With options ranging from a simple adhesive syringe to a pneumatic glue dispenser, we've made it easy to find the right tools for your task. Rather design you own LOCTITE dispenser system? Talk to us. We're here to help.

Hisco offers a broad range of LOCTITE metered dispensing equipment for an array of adhesive package sizes and applications that easily integrate into your manufacturing process.

LOCTITE handheld manually operated guns and pumps provide a convenient, cost-effective method to apply adhesives and sealants with minimal waste and require no external power source.

Handheld dual cartridge manual pneumatic mix dispensers from LOCTITE provide a convenient and cost-effective method to apply either 1:1 or 1:2 mix ratio products with minimal waste.

Our wide variety of high-precision dispensing needles and tips from LOCTITE feature a positive locking, helical thread design to ensure tips stay intact during the most demanding applications.

Hisco carries a broad range of static mixing and spray nozzles and adapters from LOCTITE to meet your two-part adhesive dispensing needs.

Find at Hisco all the accessories and replacement components you need to keep your LOCTITE dispensing equipment up and running.

Learn more about LOCTITE dispensing equipment. Hisco can help.

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