LOCTITE UV Cure Equipment

Improved Reliability

Increased Productivity

Simplify Design

Improve reliability, increase productivity, and simplify design with LOCTITE UV Cure Equipment

Since 1971, Henkel Corporation has designed, built, and integrated high-quality equipment solutions. Henkel's complete line of standard off-the-shelf LOCTITE® and TEROSON® brand dispensing and light-curing equipment can incorporate easily into your manufacturing process, including handheld devices and fully automated systems. In addition, LOCTITE® instant adhesives help increase productivity, improve reliability, and simplify the design.

Reduce manufacturing costs and push through production with LOCTITE UV curing lights, designed to work in seconds. Use a UV curing chamber to simplify batch curing or spot cure wider areas with the high-powered, high-intensity LED CUREJET system.

Need to monitor your flood system's spot-curing performance? A LOCTITE spot radiometer offers instant feedback. Manual or automatic, you'll find the right LOCTITE ultraviolet light curing solution — as well as a complete offering of LOCTITE UV adhesives — at Hisco.

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