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Lightweight Silicone and Thermal Barrier Solutions

Elkem accelerates the transportation revolution with a high-performance range of advanced materials for electric and hybrid vehicles. Innovatively engineered to mitigate the effects of thermal runaway, BLUESIL RT Foam 3250 is a proven, ready-to-use battery potting and encapsulation compound designed to improve performance, safety and overall reliability.

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Protect against the harshest elements with Elkem silicone gels & elastomers

Elkem potting and encapsulation solutions provide superior protection from environmental threats such as moisture, dust, vibration, cold, heat, and fire. Protect your electronic components with Elkem's tailor-made, low-volatile, low-viscosity silicone TRV-2 gels and elastomers.

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Solve your EV manufacturing challenges with award-winning Elkem silicone gasketing solutions.

Elkem Silicones is the leading authority in advanced thermal efficiency and next-generation materials, at the forefront of EV manufacturing.

Elkem's BLUESIL RT Foam for thermal insulation and lightweight vehicles has earned Elkem the 2022 R&D 100 Award in the Mechanical Materials category for improving safety and reliability, proving silicone foams' thermal management efficacy.

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Thermal management solutions for hybrid and electric vehicles

As an industry innovator for thermal runaway protection solutions, Elkem engineers a range of silicones designed for safe, reliable EV battery pack manufacturing utilizing proven battery thermal management methods. Today, Elkem silicones are the chosen thermal runaway protection solution for more than 2 million BEVs on the road with a combined 60 billion miles — and no fires.

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Silicones for Mold Making

Elkem rubber mold making materials are specially engineered for efficiency and productivity in concrete casting, architectural molding and rapid prototyping applications.

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Silicones for Electronics

Specialty silicones for electronics applications protect delicate assemblies from thermal and mechanical stress with advanced formulations designed for modern operations.

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Silicones for Aerospace

From parts assembly and vibration absorption to potting and encapsulation projects, Elkem silicones for aerospace negate temperature extremes, excessive shock and stress.

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Why Choose Elkem Silicones?

Elkem is a vertically integrated material supplier specializing in solutions for Mobility & Transportation, Energy & Power, and Advanced Manufacturing. With over 70 years of experience in silicones, we take pride in our agility to innovate into emerging markets to create a sustainable future.

We offer on-site support in conjunction with your teams to define and determine the optimal solution for your processes. Our technical teams provide services on demand from the design and development phases to qualification and after-sales.

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