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Achieve maximum reliability with LOCTITE® magnet bonding adhesives

The production of e-motors is a booming industry in which magnet bonding plays a vital role, especially in driving efficiency. And manufacturers of electric motors face demanding market requirements for increased durability, lower manufacturing costs, and higher motor efficiency. With LOCTITE magnet bonding solutions you’ll gain expertise and maximum reliability to achieve profitable production.

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Gain high performance—and better value—with LOCTITE® 402

Suitable for any application or industry, LOCTITE 402 is a medium-viscosity, instant adhesive that provides high heat resistance, durability, and fast setting on a wide range of substrates and temperatures up to 275°F/135°C. Engineered to bond quickly and securely, LOCTITE 402 is also ideal for bonding small parts on high-speed production lines, for on-site repairs and more.

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Optimize production with precision equipment from LOCTITE

From metered dispensing equipment to mixing nozzles and accessories, see how Hisco's line of LOCTITE dispensing equipment helps plant and design engineers manage high-quality, precise dispensing and monitoring to optimize processes and achieve manufacturing excellence.

LOCTITE Equipment

Wear protection for demanding industries

Sometimes our most critical industries exist in the harshest environments. Protect against the elements and extend performance life with LOCTITE wear coatings, specially engineered for wear-resistant performance, abrasion protection and long service time.

LOCTITE Wear Coatings

LOCTITE Conformal Coatings

Ensure the operational integrity of PCBs and other electronic assemblies, even in harsh conditions.

LOCTITE Threadlocker

Say goodbye to traditional fasteners, while improving performance and reducing overall cost.

LOCTITE 3D Printing

Designed for fast, multi-component production, LOCTITE 3D printing turns your vision into a reality.

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